Barre Fitness Yaletown

Get Ready for 90 Days of Plies, Leg Lifts, Pulses and more!

That’s right folks, our Back To Barre, 12 Week Challenge is BACK!!

With everyone heading back to work/school, you’ll be returning to your favorite Barre to work off those summer indulgences and get your bod back on track.

Starting Sept 10, 2012 get ready to pulse, plie and leg lift your way to a healthier, happier you!

Measurement sheets will be available in the next coming weeks and look out for the popular Challenge Board, where you’ll keep track of your classes and celebrate your progress with fellow Challengers ;)


  • Take a minimum of 36 classes over 90 days
  • Take 3-5 classes/week for optimal results


  • Stay on track to be eligible for “on track” prize giveaways!
  • Exclusive workshops and seminars including Nutrition Advice, Sexy Dance Fit, Deep Stretch and more


  • Set goals and speak with instructors to help test your ability and track your progress (eg. Week 1: 5 push-ups on toes, Week 2: 10 push-ups on toes…etc)
  • Have your “before” and “after” measurements taken
  • Track your class progress on the famous Challenge Chart
There’s no cost to participate, simply pay for the classes you take! So what are you waiting for? Sign up in-studio today!

- See you at the Barre!